10 Gestes Simples Pour Réduire Drastiquement Tes Déchets

10 Simple Steps to Drastically Reduce Your Waste

I thought January 2022 was a good time to release this article! Good reading!

  1. Tote bags. The essential thing to have with you, it allows you not to use plastic bags. The small sizes fit easily into your handbag. Easy to find and well maintained, it lasts a long time. A plus if you buy them in recycled fabrics or in ecological fabrics like linen.

  2. Bulk bags. Easier to transport than pots. I like to have all kinds of them, linen, mesh, etc. It allows me to place foods from the store at home in it, then I store them in their containers at home. Because at home, large glass jars are more practical.

  3. Make-up remover cotton. Useful every day, its small disposable cotton pads quickly become a large quantity of easily replaceable waste. You will easily find reusable cotton pads in stores or online. Personally I love the softness of organic bamboo. I place them in a small bag that I wash with my bath towels once a week.

  4. Paper towels. I understand that they are practical and that they can be composted. But do you really need it? I personally have some old rags that do the trick. If you like to have them on a roll in plain sight, I encourage you to make them yourself or buy them locally. Several companies offer cute and practical washable paper towel rolls.

  5. The soaps. Another everyday product that needs to be refilled, or changed, often. Now most grocery stores like IGA offer refill stations. The first few times you may get a little lost in your filling routine, but I'm sure it will quickly become a habit. It's becoming easier and easier with these terminals in supermarkets, unlike when I started when there were only two stores within a 40-minute drive radius that offered products in bulk 🥴

  6. Snack bags. If you are a mother, you certainly understand the problem caused by the famous little plastic bags, not to name a brand. I prefer to transport my snacks in glass dishes, but for my children's school they needed to find an alternative that was easy to use and didn't break. Once again on the market there are so many options for reusable bags, from the softest ones to those that hold up well. I advise you to have a few kinds, because they are all practical. Choose patterns that will last the years, because although they are reusable, they will one day be waste. Be careful that the grade is food grade.

  7. Bottles. Whether it's a coffee cup or worse, a bottle of water. I suggest you buy yourself a bottle or two. Personally, I'm very airheaded and I keep one in the car at all times. Water is accessible almost everywhere. You can certainly refill it as needed and avoid going to the convenience store to buy a disposable plastic one. Otherwise, prioritize glass, which is certainly more expensive, but this material has the capacity to be almost infinitely recyclable.

  8. Utensil and straw. By having your kit on hand when you go out, you will avoid a lot of waste. They say eating on the go is rarely planned, or you could have made yourself a lunch, and its pleasant. Although several restaurants offer compostable PLATES or thick recycled/recyclable cardboard, the utensils and straws remain single-use plastic. It takes up little space and it often helps to have a small survival kit such as a water bottle, reusable straw and fork.

  9. Favor glass, metal (cane), thick cardboard and bulk. Some products are available in different packaging. Your frozen peas in a plastic bag are the same as in a can which will be easily recycled. Wrapping paper is the biggest waste in almost every household. I invite you to question the different forms of packaging offered for your product, keeping in mind that glass can be recycled infinitely, canned goods can be recycled well and in Quebec, thick cardboard boxes can be easily recycled in Quebec. On the other hand, so-called 'recyclable' plastics are exported to poor countries where plastic recycling factories are a real public health problem!

  10. Sanitary napkins and tampons. A bigger step may be for you, but I've been using them for ten years and it's so simple! I particularly like my menstrual bobbins. I have never had a leak since using them. They are comfortable, discreet and all-in-one. There are as many choices of format and absorption in washable and disposable menstrual panties. It's up to you to see what suits your cycle best. For the cut, of course you have to place it with your fingers, but we promise we'll get over it quickly. These no worse than a tampon. It contains a good amount and unlike the tampon, no strings will hinder your day. These are the most discreet option that exists, disposable and reusable combined 😉 (some cities offer subsidies for the purchase of reusable feminine hygiene products, among others in Granby the city reimburses $100)

Above all, don't forget that every gesture counts! It's neither a competition nor a question of perfection!

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