5 clés pour prendre soin de soi malgré un horaire chargé

5 keys to taking care of yourself despite a busy schedule

Take the time, settle down and relax. I know it's not that simple. In our society we do not learn how to settle down or the importance of time for silk. Yet there are few tasks and responsibilities that we absolutely cannot move from our schedule.

If you start to get dizzy just reading your to do list , take a deep breath and ask yourself if everything is as urgent as you think. The answer is probably no.

So take the time. Stopped. Accept the help that you have probably already been offered, but which you have refused. Today, you only have yourself to think about.

Here are my 5 keys to taking care of yourself despite a busy schedule.

- Get up early! What could be better than starting the day calmly, before the children get up! In the morning you will have more energy than in the evening. It's certainly a new habit that will take some discipline at first. I personally applied the 5 second rule to achieve this, it consists of counting down from 5,4,3,2,1 then taking action (Mel Robbins, the 5 second rule). I then take the opportunity to do a little physical activity, some gentle stretching to wake up my body and I continue with a facial treatment. Before waking up the children and preparing for their departure to school, I plan, not my day, because my schedule is already well set, but I identify 2 or 3 priorities for the day and how I want to feel about my day. At times I want my day to be efficient and at others I take it easy. Identifying the few real priorities of the day helps me a lot to not stress about all the tasks that I move into my schedule.

- Put moments in your schedule for you. For example, I know very well that if I don't free up an hour in my day to go for a walk outside, I will never spontaneously tell myself that I have time to go. I add this disconnection as a “task”. It's a bit the same principle if you want to train or do an activity for yourself. Add it to your schedule in the same way you add appointments for the children. It's an appointment with yourself. I also put cooking on my schedule, because it's not something I like to do, but I want to nourish my body healthily.

- Track your menstrual cycle. We are cyclical in nature. Like the seasons, each period of the cycle brings its share of energy, but also at times a need for rest. I suggest you download an app on your phone, they are easy to use. With one click you can add your symptoms, energy level and of course your periods. After a few cycles you will observe similarities. Do you feel tired at the same time of your cycle every month? Could you plan for it and add rest to your schedule at that time? When do you have more energy? Can you add more tasks? Do you feel more creative at a certain time? Personally, I experience much less stress and anxiety since I adjusted my schedule to my cycle. I also accepted that energy is not something that you have equally every day of your life and its OK.

- The importance of sleep. Of course, sleeping may not be considered a time for yourself. On the other hand, I am against saying that listening to TV in the evening to have the impression of a moment for yourself after the children go to bed is one! I see two good reasons to make a sleep routine! 1 You take a moment for yourself. 2 You will sleep better. I like to be efficient in my day, but I know that after 8 p.m. is a time for me and no more work or household chores, unless you have indulged in activities that make you feel good. After tucking my children in and putting them back to bed 100 times. I do my evening routine: wash my face, moisturize, I grab a scrunchie to make a duvet for the night so as not to break my hair and I settle into bed with a novel. I really like personal development reading, but in the evening I want to relax so I opt for an entertaining read. I NEVER look at my cell phone. Until the next morning. My sleep is much more restful and I fall asleep earlier.

- Treat yourself as you treat your children, your spouse and your loved ones. I'm sure you want your children to be combed and well dressed to go out. I'm also sure you buy them things just to see them smile. I know that taking care of you makes you happy, but remember that you can't take care of someone if you don't 'save' yourself first. Your children and your partner deserve to have a mother and a wife who takes care of her. This is in no way selfish, contrary to what our society may make us think. Take pleasure in giving yourself gifts, moments, clothes, accessories that make you feel good and that make you feel beautiful, feminine and powerful.

Recognize the good things done. At first a new habit can be unpleasant, but recognize when you do well. And above all, don't expect the people around you to take care of you for you. You are wonderful and deserve to be loved by you first!

ps: It's possible that these tips don't all suit you. I invite you to listen to yourself and question yourself. What do you like ? What activity makes you feel refreshed? Don't put pressure on yourself if meditation is hell for you. Maybe jogging will be more in your interests.

xx Elijah

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