Idée pour une st-valentin plus éco responsable

Idea for a more eco-responsible Valentine’s Day

Like almost all holidays, Valentine's Day has become a marketing target to make you spend on things that are, let's face it, useless and very polluting. The good news is that it's not too late to change your big box shopping trip and offer a local and/or eco-responsible present to your loved one. Here are some of my ideas

Offer a course or activity 💃🏻

Nothing is more romantic than planning a party, no matter the cost, it's the moment and the thoughtfulness that counts. If you want to prepare everything and allow your partner to enjoy the evening and relax, this is a great option. If you want to learn and make this moment an activity, check out online courses such as wine tasting or learning to make sushi.

Offer a weekend away from home ✨

Far from household and routine. A pure moment of relaxation and connection.

Offer a preserved plant or flower bouquet 💐

The traditional Valentine roses are outdated and clearly not ecological. If you are conservative and you want to give a flower to your loved one, give them a living one that will last several years, or months if you don't have a green thumb. Otherwise the bouquets of preserved flowers are easy to maintain, yes I find it funny.

A jewel made in Quebec 💍

A piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day, whether you're a woman or a man, it's always a pleasure. Quebec is overflowing with talented jewelers.

Offer a local sweet 🧁

No matter your region, you will certainly find a local pastry shop where you can get a touch of sweetness for you and your better half.

Offer an assortment of small gifts 💝

The gift I like to give and receive the most are gift baskets. You can slip in his favorite accessories, skincare/bath products, a bottle of alcohol, a book, eco-responsible items that will be useful to him on a daily basis, a candle, etc.


It's easier to make good choices when you plan ahead. So don't wait too long.

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