J’ai envie de redéfinir la St-Valentin.

I want to redefine Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years. It's a day to honor love. We celebrate Valentin de Terni who one day, out of love, gave sight to a blind woman with whom he had fallen in love. We made this date a lovers’ day. The definition of the word lover is as follows: Masculine adjective designating Having love for.

So I want to redefine Valentine’s Day.

If it is an opportunity to highlight the love we feel, it is therefore normal to make this day a day highlighting our self-love. A day to do what makes us feel good. A day to simply say Yes. Choose February 14 to give yourself time and love yourself as you deserve.

If it is an opportunity to highlight the love we feel, it also makes sense to make this day a day in honor of our children. A special moment to highlight the joy we feel having them in our life. A candlelit dinner with our kids. A story written by our hand to remind them how much they are loved.

If it is an opportunity to highlight the love we feel, it is appropriate to share this day with the person who is part of our daily life. Intertwining in front of a film while drinking a glass of wine and kissing languidly. What I want to highlight here is that Valentine’s Day can be whatever you want it to be. First and foremost, it is the celebration that highlights the love we feel. For example, I love books that are truly unconditionally loving. I could choose that day to treat myself to a novel. I also love nature. So it would be in order to go for a walk in the forest or buy myself a new houseplant. I love my family, my lover and my children. I could decide to have a family dinner in the living room eating chocolate hearts. The important thing, whether you are a single mother, a father of 4 children or simply not in the Valentine's Day mood, is that on February 14, you do a few things consciously out of love. For love !

For self-love, for the love of nature, of your children or whatever you want.


Anny Gareau, owner of off the beaten track .

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