La Pleine Conscience



A very big term not always well understood. Choosing to practice mindfulness does not mean meditating every day and burning incense in our homes.
It just means choosing to live consciously.

A large majority of us humans go through life without even realizing that we are alive.

I invite you to do a little simple experiment.

Make a list of actions that you do every day automatically.

For example:

Make your coffee
Brush your teeth

Driving on the same road there and back

Become aware of how many minutes or hours you go through in your days without savoring them.

We are much more often an automatic body than a Being conscious of its own person.
Automation is exhausting and is rarely satisfying.

Choosing to live more consciously, on the other hand, is enveloping and gentler.

If in the morning when you open your eyes, you only take 2 seconds to realize that you have opened your eyes...
Already, you would start your day with gratitude. Sometimes it helps to find the rest less gray.

If you made your coffee while enjoying the smell or even the sound that emanates from your machine. I promise your coffee will be twice as good. If you chose a cup that makes you feel good. A mug you love.

And that every morning, you took your coffee consciously in a cup chosen only for you, by you...

Mindfulness can be simple you know.
Actually, it's simple.

A friend of mine, who is currently studying psychology and mindfulness at university, already told me that in intervention on addictions, mindfulness was more than positive.
If we stopped always doing everything automatically and tried to be conscious of our actions, we would probably have very different habits.

When we choose to live mindfully, we choose to experience what we need to experience without judgment.
We welcome our emotions and live them in the present moment. We don't procrastinate.

It's not always easy, there's nothing perfect but it helps to slow down in our world which moves so fast and it helps to welcome people into our judgmental society.

I think my favorite learning remains Shoshin; Beginner's mind.

In mindfulness, beginner's mind is a Buddhist concept that reminds us to view life as a child would. It is a mind full of curiosity and wonder. It's the idea of ​​seeing the world as if we were discovering it for the first time without judgment.

To conclude, I invite you to live more in conscious action than in unconscious reaction.
I invite you to find your child's heart and slow down.
March can be a long month for some people.
Now is the perfect time to start integrating this lifestyle. Spring will then be much more special afterwards.

See you soon ✌️ - Anny Gareau, owner who thinks off the beaten track.

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