Lavage de cheveux 101 ; Ou comment laver ses cheveux 1 fois par semaine.

Hair Washing 101; Or how to wash your hair once a week.

Hair Washing 101

Or how to wash your hair only once a week.

Healthy hair… with a healthy mind!

I've had long hair for a few years now. And let's be honest, taking care of my hair wasn't fun.

Maybe you're like me a long time ago, when I washed my hair every day with drugstore shampoo and conditioner, my hair got greasy almost right after leaving the house, and it wasn't not in better health than necessary.

Big news: I'm going to change the way you wash your hair.

It won't be easy at the time, but the result will be rewarding. And your life will be so much simpler!

Here are the few steps to achieve this. As a bonus, my favorite products!

Step One: Find the right shampoo/conditioner.

Leave the pharmacy. Drugstore shampoos are often filled with products with funny names that coat your hair in a thin layer of plastic, making your hair greasy pretty quickly. Go for more natural products.

My favorites are the shampoo and conditioner bar from Améoli .

I also adopted a hair mask from Cocooning Love which I use once every 2 weeks to replace my conditioner. If you're not really a fan of bar products, I recommend Bioplant products.

Little tip: shampoos for oily hair are not necessarily made for you! Find out about your hair type.

Step two: How to wash your hair.

Do a first wash. It won't lather much, that's normal, your hair is dirty. Don't touch your tips.

Do a second wash. Take the time to scrub the back of your head. It will foam more! Don't touch your tips.

Do one last wash. Only a small amount is needed. This is to do the “fine tuning”. It lathers well and you make sure you've washed everything well. Don't touch your tips!

Why not wash my ends? The shampoo will tend to dry out. And we want hair with beautiful, healthy ends, right?

After shampoos, conditioner. After a good rinse, blow dry your hair and apply your conditioner (or hair mask) to your ends working your way up. Avoid the back of your head. It produces sebum naturally. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse!

I tend to tie a few knots, so when going out     From the shower, I towel dry my hair and apply the Pure detangling treatment. It also acts as thermal protection.

Third step: Space out the washes.

The more you wash your hair, the greasy it will be… Well yes! The more you wash, the more you dry out the back of your head and the more it will start to produce sebum, and therefore make your hair greasy. Do you see the vicious circle…?

We start slowly. We go with washing every 2 days, then every 3 days and so on, until you reach your goal of once a week.

Then you say to me: “Yes, but what do I do when it starts to get greasy between washes? » I answer you: “Cornstarch! » It was my friend Erika who gave me the trick. Cheap and eco-friendly! Win win!

I use a makeup brush that I dip in my starch. I sprinkle on the roots, give it a brush and make a pretty quilt with a Filabeth scrunchie! Tadam!

Attention! Between your washes, avoid playing with your hair for nothing or brushing it excessively. The less you touch it, the more you put the chances on your side. Accessorize your hair with clips, scrunchies, headbands, etc. Make yourself high pigtails, braids, well-dressed buns…

- Marine

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