Le temps des fêtes

Holiday time

When I was little, the arrival of the holiday season made me excited.

The older I get, the more it's the same!

During the first snow, my eyes marvel at the nature that changes suddenly. Today, I find nature resilient, to agree to take a long break like that. I find her beautiful. It seems that the sounds become duller in the winter. May they resonate longer. A bit like drums.

December arrives and the fir trees enter our homes. The decorations come out of their old boxes stored in the basement or attic. The ornaments sparkle on their branches and for some, the fire begins to crackle in the hearth.

The more the days of the last month of the year advance, the more the excitement increases.

Children see the holidays approaching at the same time as their cheeks turn red from the cold. Parents take out the tools they need for our Canadian winters. Our houses light up and our small villages look like they are under Christmas trees.

At home, the fire warms the kettle which emits the smell of fir needles, cloves and cinnamon. The cushions scattered on the sofa are suddenly replaced by wool and fleece throws.

Even mittens and boots drying in the entryway are a sign of comfort.

As if at home, for ages, we have known how to live our winters well. We know how to warm our children and make our home comfortable for the long season.

There is something poetic from December to March, a bit like Nelligan's poem.

Christmas, the magic of the morning! Seeing our children unwrap presents and laughing out loud.

The days in pajamas that continue despite going outside and boots filled with snow.

The first week of January is often full of free time and games! The children spend their days outside having fun with other children in the neighborhood.

Sleds and slides are scattered across the grounds and everyone is trying to be King of the Mountain.

What beautiful moments!


You and I all know very well that up here, I idealize the Holiday Season!

That the reality is that the next few weeks are often a sign of stress and chaos.

That for a large majority of families, all this is a fairy tale.

But that’s really what I wish for all of us. A sweet, calm and good holiday season.

I wish us to live in the present moment and see the magic through the chaos of 2022. Because if you manage to see it despite everything, your children will also succeed in seeing it and that's a bit the point of Christmas !

Bring the magic to life!

I'm going to snuggle up in my wool throws, tea in hand.

I'm going to look at the Pôle express and hurry to hear the bell jingle.

Happy Holidays time

- Anny Gareau, owner who thinks off the beaten track

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