Ma garde-robe éco-équilibré

My eco-balanced wardrobe

My eco-balanced wardrobe 

I'll start right away with a fact that will either relieve you or cause you great disappointment... I'm not a minimalist! Yes, my closets are well stocked and I'm not satisfied with just one pair of jeans (although I admire those who are capable of creating a thousand stunning looks with barely a few items of clothing). I love fashion and I have always loved it but it was impossible for me to consume in the current conditions of large chains which are very unethical and where fast fashion destroys and pollutes on a large scale. So here are my tips for a balanced eco wardrobe. 

  1. Find a good address
    Honestly, with the right tools it is possible to find almost everything second hand, from a t-shirt from last season's collection to vintage overalls of the right size. With the emergence of online thrift stores and Market Places, it is easy with a simple search on your phone to find quality second-hand items, regardless of your style. Additionally, people are becoming more and more comfortable with posting, which allows us to expand our research. There are also several Facebook groups intended for the sale of second-hand clothing made in Quebec. 
  2. 80/20
    This principle is well known, it consists of obtaining 80% of second-hand parts then 20% of new items. Here I favor 20% parts from local companies. Certainly a dress made here from organic fabric is more expensive than something bought on a fast fashion site. This is why, rule #3, we must get clothes that make us happy enough to take care of them. The only items I always get from the big chain stores are underwear and stockings. This tip allows you to keep a reasonable clothing budget. By paying 80% of my wardrobe really cheaply, I can afford some more expensive favorite pieces. 
  3. Only buy new clothes that you will take care of
    If you're not ready to pay $120 for a dress, you probably don't like it enough and you can probably find a second-hand equivalent. Second hand pieces come and go in my wardrobe while the pieces made here, they last through the years in my wardrobe. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying new clothing. If this piece breaks, do I like it enough to take the time to repair it? Is this a piece I see in my wardrobe for the long term? Is it appropriate for my lifestyle or is it beautiful but I won't get to wear it every day? I would add here that taking care of your clothes also means having a tidy wardrobe where everything is carefully placed so you can clearly see what you own!
  4. Make a list
    Whether you're the sort of person who sorts out your wardrobe every season or the all-there-is-rummage type, you should know what you own and what you REALLY need. I'm going to be cliché but if you're not missing anything and you want to buy, take out one item of clothing for each new item of clothing you get. 
  5. Stop making excuses
    People often tell me I don't have time! Yet do you shop online in the evening on your phone? You could only redirect your spending to second-hand sites or made here. The second reason I hear most in opposition to buying on the internet is that you can't try it. Indeed, on the other hand, you can always ask for the measurements of the second-hand or coveted item of clothing in order to see if it will suit you. To do this you only have to measure yourself once in a while, it's not that complicated.

    Good address to sell or buy:
    on Facebook: Done here…. Second life!
    Market place
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