Qu’est-ce que le upcycling ? ♻️

What is upcycling? ♻️

What is upcycling? ♻️
As the term indicates, it is a form of recycling from above 🔝. It is therefore, unlike recycling, a revaluation which does not remove quality from the object resulting from the process!
In fact, in upcycling we completely change the form or usefulness of the raw material.
This is a way of proceeding that requires 85% less water and CO2 than making it from new materials✨
It is therefore a way of creating everyday objects from raw materials that already existed!
We therefore do not draw on the earth's reserves which are exhaustible, we do not use the system of extraction of raw materials which is unfortunately often to the detriment of people and we do not produce in an oppressive and very often dangerous environment. !
Because I firmly believe that we can consume, be fashionable and comfortable while participating in a sustainable solution for the environment and for people ♥️
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Qu’est-ce que le upcycling ? ♻️Comme le terme l’indique c’est une forme de recyclage par le haut 🔝. C’est donc, contrairement au recyclage, une revalorisation qui n’enlève pas de qualité a l’objet issu du processus!

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