Quoi faire en famille en Automne?

What to do with the family in Autumn?

The color season has just arrived. More spectacular than ever, our territory is full of places to visit. I invite you to take pleasure, with your family, in discovering the treasures that Quebec offers us from October to December.

danville burbank pond interpretive center

The Eastern Townships, a sublime space where it is easy to spend wonderful days with family. Little ones are often impressed by what nature reserves offer us. If you're in the Danville area, Burbank Pond is a paradise for migratory birds. Throughout the month of October, there are hundreds of geese preparing for the long journey. It is truly an impressive spectacle for young and old.

The mountain park trail

Whether in Bromont, Orford or anywhere else, the hiking trails offer breathtaking views. The show is always appreciated by families who enjoy it. Why not add to the happiness with a picnic and a good bottle of cider for the parents. Personally, the Parc des Montagnards de la montagne de Shefford is one of my favorite places for a morning with the family. Directly in downtown Granby, it's easy to spend a few hours on the trails of Miner land. On a few occasions, my family and I have seen owls and deer there.

milton cider house

Naturally, October means apple picking! We are in the heart of dozens of orchards. Why not enjoy it? Otherwise, you can also go out of the ordinary and pick pears, plums or squash. Hours of family fun around the oven will follow. Cooking local products with your children will make them appreciate our region even more.

St-Pétronille vineyard

For parents who want to take advantage, autumn means harvests among our Quebec winegrowers. I invite you to travel the wine route with your family. Several spaces are offered in the vineyards so that your children can also find what they are looking for. Some of them offer animal parks and play areas for the whole family.

eastern cantons

Activities for all budgets are available to us in fall. A bike ride on hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths, the discovery of our artisan bakeries, the Biodôme and the Montreal Botanical Garden. For those like me who particularly like to add magic to their lives, I strongly advise you to visit Foresta Lumina in the Coaticook Gorges. Autumn brings a whole new aspect to the magical history of the place.

Finally, it is possible to make the color season fun without even leaving our home. Several activities are possible. Plant bulbs with your children! They will be dazzled next spring to see the fruit of their efforts. Collect the leaves with them and find your child's heart by jumping with both feet into the piles of colorful leaves. Go on a treasure hunt for the most beautiful leaves on your land or street. Take them home and have your children place them one by one in a book. They will later be used to make a work of art. Lie outside with a blanket and hot chocolate. Read stories as a family. Make essential oils with what’s left of your herbs. Introduce them to your favorite childhood films. Take the opportunity to make campfires and see the magic happen.

In short, no need to tell you that fall is my favorite season. It plunges us into a state of comfort before the bitter cold of winter and it sometimes forces us to slow down. So I invite you too to breathe, enjoy and observe.

Happy color season everyone!

- Anny Gareau, owner who thinks off the beaten track

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