L'or blanc

White gold

It all started with my quest for a natural soap, zero waste with few ingredients but very moisturizing for babies. Certainly the offers came from everywhere but no list of ingredients inspired me. So I took out my cauldrons and my various training in soap making and with the help of my herbalist student friend and I created a range of eco-responsible, gentle and effective products. More specifically, baby soap made from mother's milk. So I have decided to offer from today the making of your personalized baby soap from your own milk. 

photo: Mélissa Châtelain, https://www.facebook.com/M%C3%A9lissa-Ch%C3%A2telain-Photographe-126960964117066

Why breast milk?
This famous white gold is full of properties and is the most natural for babies. What could be more natural for our child than milk than our body for him. It allows our baby to obtain antibodies, nutrients, etc. but it is also used to cure small ailments such as sticking eyes or small injuries on the body. Even in soap, mother's milk has several properties that we are looking for: it is anti-microbial, it is very moisturizing due to the fact that its a very fatty milk, it helps to heal, we can use it to help the navel to heal or on small baby scratches, these very effective for the cradle cap that many babies have on their heads in their first month of life, these quite gentle and moisturizing for eczema skin, and many others. The process used to make this soap allows the milk to retain all its properties. In addition, it does not require fresh milk, so we can use milk that is no longer suitable for baby's consumption. He does not lose his property. 

* Even if you are not breastfeeding you can collect a small quantity of colostrum or milk from the milk, to relieve congestion, for making your soap. 

I invite you to discover the product here:
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