Sortir de son cocon en hiver

Coming out of your cocoon in winter

The comfort of our home is hard to beat in the winter. The couch slowly takes the shape of our bodies and even more so those of our children. Sub-zero temperatures are rarely inviting and we often have the impression that winter sports are made for the experienced and thrill-seeking population!
It's even more difficult to get our kids to want to spend time outside.
I have therefore decided to provide you with a list of ten practical tips to make your task easier.

First, lead by example! We are in a bad position to ask our children to spend time outside if we don't spend any time ourselves... Modeling behavior is always the best way to send a message. From an early age, humans learn through observation and reproduction. So, the more parents spend time outside, the more children will want to go too.

Make sure you find suitable clothing for everyone. Today's stores have everything they need to meet everyone's needs. Some of your children will have an easier time playing with gloves and others with mittens. Sometimes just the idea of ​​getting dressed to go out ruins the urge itself. A suitable winter outfit, in which you feel good, is much more inviting than the opposite.

Put outdoor play time on the schedule! For some of us, it's difficult to break away from the strict weekday schedule. If we add a 30-minute outing outside, we commit to going. We also add time with family and fresh air to our lungs. It's just positive.

Change your Mindset. If we register in our head that the time spent outside is a break that we give ourselves, automatically this moment becomes less demanding. No one here should ever take a break. Your children too!

Understand everyone’s needs. Maybe dad dreams of his child building an igloo with him. But maybe the child just wants to tan his face in the sun. Each individual in the family should find what they enjoy when spending time outside.

Sometimes take the time to visit new landscapes. Winter in Quebec is magnificent and grandiose. Changing your perspective can really do all the work to help your minis want to play outside.

The tools ! Above all, never underestimate a good old Crazy-Carpet. In every town you can find beautiful, big snow-covered slopes. All it takes is a little madness and a lot of cardio, and that's it! Otherwise, I invite you to shop around a little. Dozens of outdoor games are available for the winter.

Get involved in your children's learning. We all know the benefits of fresh air on humans. The importance of the sun for health is non-negligible. Get informed and share the information with your children. They will understand how good it is for them to spend time outside and it will come naturally afterwards.

The importance of ritual. Humans love rituals. Whether it's brushing your teeth to sleep better or having the same kind of coffee in the morning, we like to do things so that it becomes a habit. Adding magic to your outdoor outing is a winner. A hot chocolate when you come home, a small fire ready to roast marshmallows or simply a hot bath. The human brain registers this sort of thing. You will all be more excited to go play outside.

I cannot end my text without encouraging you to practice mindfulness in nature. In winter, it's even more satisfying. The noises are duller, the animals are often slower. It's a really beautiful experience to take the time to be in the present moment in the cold. Welcome the temperature on our cold cheeks, realize that our toes are moving in the bottom of our boots and enjoy the moment, without judgment. It may seem simple and futile, but I assure you that both young and old will enjoy the moment.

The month of January is already well underway, we still have a little more than two months of intense winter left. Have fun !

See you soon.
- Anny owner to think outside the box

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