Tendance Bottes Automne Hiver 2022

Boots Trend Fall Winter 2022

Forgotten last year's ankle boot and low ankle boot trend. This year we are opting for the high boot!

Dressy, urban, feminine, the high boot for women comes in different models to spruce up our winter wardrobe. This boot is a shoe clean enough to wear to work, comfortable enough to go out on the weekend and even trendy to upgrade our evening looks!

The high knee boot.

It stops not below the knee but just above for a perfectly enhanced silhouette line. It can be worn with pants as well as with a skirt or dress. It can be used to contrast the lengths with a skirt or short dress.

The high platform boot

When it first started, I myself considered it cheesy, but I admit that this year I love it. It has made a phenomenal rise to the top of the rankings for women's boots. Perfect for those who love the comfort of a flat sole while maintaining a trendy look.

The cowboy boot

You don't need to have a cowgirl look to wear this type of boot. The cowboy boot pairs perfectly with a jacket for a completely chic look. This year we discover her more feminine than ever in chic evening looks.

The second skin boot

Back from the 90s, spice boots are back this winter. They slip on like long socks and hug every inch of the leg. Flat, wedged or with heels, they are very trendy this fall.

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