Vivre au rythme de son cycle menstruel

Living to the rhythm of your menstrual cycle

This famous cycle which should govern our lives, but which is a big TABOO for society. We should be as active and as productive from Monday to Sunday, all year round. These IMPOSSIBLES! We often compare the menstrual cycle to the season and I find that this image speaks for itself. Would you ask a grower to produce as much in winter as in summer? Of course not! Because its almost IMPOSSIBLE to farm in the snow, or at least its greatly slowed down. Why then do you put so much pressure on yourself to perform so well during your “winter” phase?

I can't cover the whole subject in a single blog, but here are some basic principles that you can explore further as you go along. First you need to reconnect with your body. I invite you to note, for a minimum of a month, each day where you are in your menstrual cycle? What is your energy level? Do you feel creative or more anxious? Did you have a headache, stomach ache, breast ache? Etc. I really like the flow app to track my cycle.

Menstrual Phase = Winter, New Moon🌑

It's a time to reconnect with yourself, to rest, to take less on your shoulders. This is a time when we must trust in the wisdom of our lineage. It's a good time to open up and talk to the other women in our lives. It’s a time when we can focus on our inner world.

During this phase I slide into my schedule: stretching sessions, a healthy diet rich in minerals and moments of grounding.

Follicular phase = Spring, Crescent Moon 🌔

Like spring, this phase brings a boost of energy. You may notice that during these days of your cycle you want to create, invent, implement something new in your life. It's a perfect time to organize your office or your home or even your head. Clean up and assert yourself.

During this phase I slide into my schedule: more cardio workouts, I connect with my senses through mindfulness, journaling focused on what I desire and what I need to let go in my life and I create.

Ovulation phase = Summer, Full Moon 🌕

This phase represents inner strength. It is also connected to the heart. You will probably easily find solutions. You will be calm and collected. The energy is there and you can easily accomplish your tasks.

During this phase I slide into my schedule: strength training, I connect with the energy of love for myself and others, journaling about my relationships, it's a moment when I feel gentle and generous.

Luteal phase = Autumn, Waning Moon 🌖

The weather is getting colder now it's time to pick up the patio set to spend more time indoors. It is the transition between energy and rest. This is also a time when you will be more focused and/or you can put more work into your schedule to free up rest time for the second phase. It is said that this is a phase where you have to carry out unfinished projects or that you will not have the energy to finish later. It’s time to come full circle.

During this phase I slide into my schedule: I lower my training intensity, I review my sleep routine and my diet, journaling on my inner world what I desire and what I want to change, I finish my unfinished tasks from In short, it's time to come full circle and summarize it.

This is my personal experience combined with a lot of literature, you will be able to identify what suits you by following your cycle over a few months you will be able to see how each phase is going for you. You can then adjust your schedule accordingly. I know it's not possible for everyone, in fact not for many people, to call your boss and say that from now on you're taking your menstruation week on vacation. However, you can organize several other things at the right time for you. I fit more working out and cooking into my schedule when I have a lot of energy to free up time and pressure during less energetic phases.


Although we experience our cycle differently from one woman to another, from one month to another and from one year to another, you will still have information that will help you harmonize your schedule by depending on your energy.

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