Voici pourquoi tu devrais privilégier le scrunchie vs élastique

Here's why you should choose scrunchie vs elastic

What the “traditional” elastic does to your hair:

- Elastics are very aggressive for the hair, they literally "saw" the hair fiber, breaking it or wearing it away.

- They contribute to grumpy hair.

- They are too thin and therefore our hair gets tangled around them.

- We have to spend many minutes trying to remove it (unless we resign ourselves to cutting it!).

- They are often very tight and worn on the wrist they cut off circulation.

- They have a limited lifespan.

Scrunchie, headband, headband are preferred because:

- Allows you to tie your hair for only a few hours without leaving a trace. So, you reduce your use of heat on your hair by not ironing it with a flat iron.

- It's a simple way to tie your hair without harming it, avoiding the friction of usual elastics.

- A scrunchie or stretchy headband will be less tight than a small plastic elastic band. You therefore avoid uncomfortable pressure.

- You can afford to wear the same hairstyle more often while having a different look just by changing your accessory. By matching the color of your scrunchie with your outfit you will have punch, wow and your ponytail identical to the day before you will only see fire.

- You can wear it on your wrist because it is less tight and therefore does not cut off circulation.

- They are durable.

And my big argument, it's super pretty.

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