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Peinture - Un rêve d'oiseau

Peinture - Un rêve d'oiseau

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This watercolor is an original work by the artist Niolie located in Granby.
I am very proud to present to you this artist chosen for these great ecological values and her softness.

I present to you the work called a bird's dream
This watercolor is done by hand on a 9X12 cotton paper.

This delicate painting representing a couple of birds surrounded by flower, it was realized following a dream. I don't know if you knew, but dreaming of birds is usually a good sign. It represents the existence in us of emotions that fly to our loved ones, such as angels, birds are messengers. Isn't that what we wish for the people who are dear to us.

This will be sent to you by express post in a rigid cardboard envelope but without plastic.
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